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Do you want to learn Powered Paragliding or Paragliding?

     MN. Paramotor located in Alexandria and near Minneapolis is a "full time" school and store. I am  not a part time school like so many other schools found in other northern states...I teach and sell top quality Paragliders, Paramotors, Towing supplies and all related flying gear you will ever need. Open all year!  I travel extensively to identify the best paragliders and motors in the world along with techniques for training the new pilot to competition, whether it is Paragliding or Powered Paragliding.  I will always be your mentor long after our classes have ended.
     I have over 43 years of foot launched flights. Join me for training or fun flying in the warm deserts of southern California, Arizona, Florida and Utah this winter. Come join me for adventure flying in South America, Mexico and North America...see places and meet people from around the world. Don't forget to fly with me in Minnesota and fly 60 miles along the "Chain of Lakes" Just give me a shout day or night I am here for you, Summer 2015.

   Fly safe and check those throttles!


Parajet Paramotors now offers finanicing! 
Makes it easy to get your paramotor.