Is it safe?
State of the art equipment used today is very safe. Powered paragliding as a sport has a very good safety record among properly trained pilots by certified PPG and USHPA instructors.

Can the average person do this?
If you are physically fit and strong enough to carry a paramotor on your back.

Can I afford to do this?
It may be less expensive than your motorcycle. Around $7,000 and up for powered paragliding. $3,000 and up for paragliding.

What does it take to get started?
A good, certified PPG instructor, paramotor, paraglider, helmet, gloves, long pants, good hiking boots, and a good, safe, fun attitude.

How long does it take to learn?
Powered paragliding basic course is 3-5 days. Of course each student learns at their own pace and some take an extra day or two.

Powered paragliding advanced course. We strongly advice this course. We spend another 3 or 4 days mastering motor flying.

Paragliding courses. Much like PPG courses without motor.

What if the engine stops while flying?
The glider flies safely without the engine running. You'll be taught how to always keep a landing area within glide, landing will be normal.

How fast can they go?
Around 23 to 25 mph, and with brake application can slow down enough in a breeze to land with a couple of steps.

How high can they go?
The record is 18,000 feet. Most PPGs fly from inches above the ground to a couple thousand feet.

Do you need a license?
Not in the USA. But there are regulations set by the FAA, Part 103.

How long can you stay up?
About 2.5 hours on a tank of gas, depending on your experience, motor unit, wing, your weight, the time of day. You can also shut the engine off and soar for hours in thermals and ridge lift.